The New England School of English

The New England School of English was founded by an educator with an intentional philosophy, a philosophy that drives every aspect of NESE, guiding its day-to-day events and creating a special atmosphere throughout the school.

Students note this atmosphere from their first attentive pre-arrival correspondence to the warm welcome they receive when arriving at their NESE housing to their experiences in their classes and activities all the way through to their tearful goodbyes when they leave the school.

It is this atmosphere combined with NESE's high academic standards that students consistently cite as making the school both distinctive and remarkable.



An Exceptional Group of Educators


A School Founded & Managed by Educators

NESE’s unique approach is based on educational research, the result of an analysis that NESE’s founder (and current president) conducted while completing her graduate degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Her examination of effective school and classroom environments allowed her to

create NESE, a school that is guided by its commitment to excellence in the classroom, its respect for all peoples, its belief in each student’s ability to succeed, and its recognition that each student’s specific needs and goals are critical to his success.



An Exceptional Group of Educators

High Quality Courses

At NESE, a top quality education, the fundamentals of which were identified through educational research, is a priority. All aspects of NESE's  academic program are planned and intentional in order to create an environment that is highly conducive to learning. Even the configuration of the desks, for example, is planned in order to help create an environment that maximizes the opportunity for student achievement.

Small Classes

Our average class size is 12 students. Small classes ensure lively discussions, frequent student participation, and intensive student-teacher interaction. Educational research also demonstrates that student outcomes are positively effected when students are placed into smaller classes. As NESE strives to create effective classroom environments in which students can achieve their best, we are careful to limit the size of our classes.

A Highly Respected School

Because of it's excellence, NESE has been recognized and accredited by a number of different organizations. However, for us, there is no better recognition than the hundreds of wonderful testimonials students send to the school every year.

Exceptional Teachers & Staff

It is the contribution of each individual at NESE that has made the school such an extraordinary place to learn English. From the teachers to the staff, everyone at NESE is committed to offering each student an exceptional school environment, one that is challenging, enjoyable, and entirely supportive to students.

Academic English Courses

Grammar & Idioms, Conversation & Listening, and Reading & Writing

All NESE students can follow the Academic English Courses as outlined on the chart below. Each of these courses consists of 10 levels, and students typically complete one level each month. Thus, a student who arrives at NESE with minimal or no knowledge of English can expect to complete the entire NESE 10-level curriculum within 10 months. Students who complete Level 10 acquire a level of proficiency that enables them to successfully use their English in a wide range of professional and academic environments.


Intensive Program

9:00 to 3:15 Five Days per Week

NESE’s 10-level Intensive Program is ideal for students who want to maximize their learning opportunity in the United States. The program is challenging and students progress rapidly. Each class lasts for 90 minutes with no scheduled breaks, providing students with one of the most intensive programs that exists. Students are expected to be on time for class, do their homework, and speak English whenever they are on the school premises.




Semi-Intensive Program

9:00 to 12:30 Five Days per Week

NESE’s 10-level Semi-Intensive Program is ideal for students who would like to improve their English but are equally interested in other aspects of life in the United States. Because this program lasts only half a day, students have time to travel and explore other interests. NESE students participating in the Semi-Intensive Program have full access to all NESE facilities, such as the choice of a dormitory or homestay accommodation, weekend trips, student clubs, and unlimited free access to e-mail and the Internet. Students participating in this program are also welcome to spend their out-of-class time using NESE’s academic facilities in order to study, listen to English-training CDs, or watch videos at NESE.


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