Mount Roskill Grammar School

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Welcome to Mount Roskill Grammar School

Mount Roskill Grammar School has served its community for more than 50 years and is recognised both locally and nationally for providing education of outstanding quality for all of its students. Our success comes from highly qualified teachers who believe that the learning of each student matters; excellent programmes of learning; and a willingness to evaluate and innovate. Our focus is on academic achievement for each of our students and their achievement in external examinations each year places us amongst the top achieving schools in New Zealand.

We aim to develop confident, socially responsible contributors who enjoy learning and achieve excellently.Our students enjoy high quality teaching, and professional support and guidance. We offer excellent facilities, and a wide range of academic and co-curricular programmes in a safe, culturally diverse environment.

Our co-educational school is a warm and friendly place. We provide a caring environment where individual needs are respected, hard work is valued and excellence is applauded. There are boundless opportunities for students and staff at Mount Roskill Grammar School and no limit to the achievements possible.



Our Academies are a cornerstone of the school’s pursuit of excellence in sporting, cultural and specialized subject areas. They encourage ‘passion-led’ learning which complements the core elements of our curriculum. Each student follows academic courses but their timetable is supplemented by 3 hours of specialist support within their chosen academy discipline. In each academy they grow key capabilities, skills and expertise while exploring and extending their potential.


This centre of excellence is based on our well-established ‘Being Roskill’ programme developing and mentoring players holistically - refining their game skills while also extending their thinking, literacy and general academic engagement.


Students will develop their understanding and practice of tikanga in addition to studying Maori traditional music, craft, language and performing arts.


The academy work promotes understanding of the techniques and technicalities
of the game in addition to a focus on personal fitness and nutrition. Students will
also develop their rugby skills and involvement in the school’s sporting community.


Our Hockey academy students will understand their personal health and physical development as they acquire knowledge of the game’s concepts and skills - attaining improved performance through training methods and coaching.


This course gives students the opportunity to build, programme and test their solution based real-life robotics technology. Their learning in electronics and robotics will be engaged and energised through overlapping elements of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering.


Academic Programme


Year 9

Students study across the nine key learning areas of our school: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Technology, The Arts, Language study (Te Reo Maori, Samoan, French, Chinese and Japanese), Physical Education/Health, and Commerce. This learning programme gives students a strong platform on which to base informed choices for their future years at the school. Literacy Support is provided for students based on need.



In Year 9 students may apply to join a sports or curriculum academy. In all academies students follow a full academic course of study as well as receiving three hours specialist support a week.

Year 10

All students continue studying a core of five subjects: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. In addition they make choices from a wide range of subjects available. The courses for the subject choices may last for a semester or a full year. All students in Year 10 attempt some NCEA internally assessed standards in English, Science and Mathematics.

Year 11

All students take English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and two or three other subjects. Most students will study at NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Level 1 on the National Qualifications Framework.

Year 12

All students take English and Physical Education and four other subjects. Entry to Year 12 courses is based on results achieved in Year 11 with Heads of Departments having discretion in borderline cases. The entry requirements are detailed in the Academic Programme Booklet.

Year 13

All students take five subjects designed to fit their learning needs. Entry requirements to Level 3 are detailed in the Academic Programme Booklet. Very high achieving students are encouraged to enter the Scholarship examinations and exceptional students may study concurrently at the University of Auckland.

Academic Support

ESOL Department

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Department provides English language support for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. This support includes vocabulary development, along with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. An emphasis is also placed on helping students adapt to the New Zealand style of education, and appropriate classroom behaviour. Students are tested prior to starting school, and their level of need is determined. These students may be placed into fulltime English language classes, or have ESL as one of their options.

As students make progress in the language, they spend less and less time in the department, until they are fully mainstreamed.

Enhanced Learning Programe

One Year 9 and one Year 10 class are chosen to follow an enhanced learning programme in their core subjects. Students are selected according to their high level of ability and commitment to achievement. The classes are exposed to a wider range of learning experiences. These students are given the option of sitting NCEA Level 1 Science in Year 10 with the aim of extending their range of subjects in the senior school.

Musical Tuition

Musical Tuition is available at minimal cost in orchestral instruments and voice. In many cases instruments (eg. violin, flute) are available for hire at a minimum charge. Musical activity is given full encouragement; orchestra, bands, groups and choirs all rehearse and perform regularly.


There is a close link between the academic achievement necessary for a successful future and the amount of time put into homework. In general, 1½-2 hours should be put aside from Monday to Thursday inclusive, as well as a period of time in the weekend. A senior student’s commitment may be more demanding. Parents need to be aware that the place in which homework/study is done should encourage learning.

Homework Centres

We strongly encourage attendance at Homework Centres for the many students who benefit from this type of learning environment. The library is open after school for all students and a number of language support homework centres operate in the afternoon or evening. Information on times, venues and staff involved is available from the Administration Office.

Term Planners

These pocket sized cards are issued to all students. They contain the key dates and times for the term ahead and allow students to record the dates for key tasks and assessments.

Study & Examination Preparation

As part of our Achievement Initiative all students are taught study and examination skills. The Learning Extension Department, subject teachers and senior staff present a co-ordinated programme which covers goal setting, short and long-term time management, swotting skills and examination technique.

Learning Extension

The Learning Extension Department provides a range of support for students at MRGS. These include academic and practical support for students with mild to moderate special needs, including Special Assessment Support for students with diagnosed learning disorders.

This Department also provides in-class support through the use of highly skilled teacher aides working together with classroom teachers and administering a range of programmes to raise academic achievement for all MRGS students such as the Cross Age Peer Tutoring Programme, the School Wide Literacy Programme (Year 9), and the Study Skills Programme.

Information Technology

Mount Roskill Grammar School has a sound programme of computer-assisted learning. The School has ten computer rooms (both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh) for computing and general curriculum use, as well as pods of computers located in the Library and in the Music, Art and Media Studies departments. Internet access can be enabled on all School computers. Students and staff are required to sign a Computer & Internet Use Agreement before using the School’s computing resources.



In Year 13 students are encouraged to enter NZ Scholarship examinations and join the long list of successful students at this level. In 2013 students from MRGS were the top New Zealand scholars in Accountancy and Technology following on from previous years’ top New Zealand scholar awards in History, Chemistry and Physics. In recent years our students have gained four Premier Scholar awards distinguishing MRGS as one of the most successful schools in the nation. In 2014 students gained over 40 scholarships, many at Outstanding level.

2015 Language Perfect World Championships


Language Perfect World Championships – 18-28 May 2015

Mount Roskill Grammar School gained very good results in this International Languages competition. MRGS pupils answered over 767,000 questions, gaining 302,969 points, which represents 2,301 hours spent learning.

Special student achievements:

  • Tessa Brown – in the top 60 in the world with 21,720 points!
  • ELITE award + badge (10,000+ points) gained by 9 students: 
  • GOLD medal certificate (3,000+ points) = 24 students:
  • SILVER medal certificate (2,000+ points) = 15 students
  • BRONZE medal certificate (1,000+ points) = 28 students
  • CREDIT award certificate (500+ points) = 32 students

2014 Language Word Perfect World Championships

We have a special award which follows on from the 2014 Languages Perfect World Championships.

At the end of the competition, 10 Gold Medal students were selected at random to be eligible to apply for a Scholarship to the overseas country whose language they are studying at school.

The Organisation behind these International Homestay Awards is the New Zealand Institute of International Understanding (NZIIU).

After the selection process, there were only 4 awards nationwide.

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Liu, of 11 OMOR, has been awarded a $4,000 scholarship to live and study in France for 3 months at the beginning of next year. Congratulations to Brian Liu and we wish him all the best for this amazing and life-changing experience.


Mount Roskill Grammar School is fortunate over the last ten years to have access to sufficient resources to build new classroom blocks, update some specialist areas, refurbish corridors and  create a more pleasant learning environment for students. This section highlights some of our facilities for student learning.

Campus Environment

The School is situated on an extensive and unique campus with two other schools (Mt Roskill Primary School and Mt Roskill Intermediate School) and adjoins Keith Hay Park.Winstone Park and Mt Roskill (Puketapapa) are close-by to the west and Three Kings Reserve is a short distance to the north.

Early Childhood Centre

The Early Childhood Centre provides care and learning opportunities for up to 50 pre-school children as well as after-school care for primary-aged children.

Information Technology

Ten computer rooms and computers in every teaching area.


A modern, spacious, well-stocked library