Living Sydney Australia’s largest city surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains

Sydney is a great city to live in. The city is famous for its natural beauty. The city is right next to the beautiful Sydney harbour and the famous Sydney Opera House, with fantastic beaches to the east, the Blue Mountains to the west, the gorgeous Hawkesbury River to the north and the wild Royal National Park to the south – all a short train trip from the city. There are many gardens and parks, cool bars and nightclubs. Sydney is also a cosmopolitan city with lots of outdoor activities and entertainment, as well as shopping, restaurants and sightseeing. There are good bus and train services all around Sydney. There is always something exciting happening in Sydney!

Cost of living in Sydney

The Australian government recommends an allowance of $18,610 a year for living costs. Below is an estimate pricing of the general cost of living in Sydney and possible earnings (all prices are in Australian dollars):

Students usually organize one month of accommodation before they arrive, either in a homestay or independent student housing.


Living in Melbourne

Australia’s most European city

 Come and live in Melbourne – the world’s most livable city 2011 (rated by the Economist). Melbourne is very safe and peaceful, but there but there is still a lot to do. Melbourne has excellent restaurants, very cool bars and some of the best art galleries in the country.  There is always a festival happening in Melbourne – the comedy festival, the arts festivals, the music festivals – Melbourne feels very alive!  The city has lots of beautiful old buildings but also many amazing modern buildings, and there are lots of trees and parks.  It is very easy to use public transport in Melbourne.  You can take a tram to most places and there is also an excellent train system. Melbourne is one of the world’s most multicultural cities with more than 25% of our population born in another country, so you can try many different kinds of food and meet many different kinds of people here.  Life in Melbourne is relaxed but also always interesting!

Our city is famous for its excellence in education with many high quality schools and universities with an international reputation so it is a great place to study and to make your career dreams a reality.

Cost of living in Melbourne

The Australian government recommends an allowance of $18,610 a year for living costs. Below is an estimate pricing of the general cost of living in Melbourne and possible earnings (all prices are in Australian dollars):

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